Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Lovely February

I loved…

The sweet laughter
and presence of my friend.
How we sat and ate lunch,
and talked until it had to end.

When all the lovelies I now
came together,
and we celebrated love, chocolate,
and good smelling lotions and lip balms.

I loved…

The smell 
of my moms essential oils.
How they work miracles,
and make you feel better.

The deep black night sky
and the moon that hangs
and shines bright.

I loved…

The aroma of coffee
and black tea.
How when you pour in the creamer
it mixes together so smoothly.

The sweet and calming melodies 
of the guitar and piano
playing together. 

I loved…

When he makes me laugh so hard 
I could die.
I mean literally,
 I could die from not gasping in enough air.
(he's pretty funny)

When I got to dance 
and twirl
and spin 
and have fun with new people.

I loved…

Hanging the roses to dry
to remind me of all the memories 
this February left behind. 

I hope you had as good of a February as I did. Even though it was filled with messiness and grim, the beauty still shone through. I'm looking forward to March, though. I can't wait for the coldness to melt away and for the warmth to come shining through. I hope you all have a lovely month. <3>

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