Friday, March 6, 2015

A Small List

Making: Poems with words just out of reach, photos, and melodies on the piano
Baking: A chocolate cake with stevia instead of sugar
Drinking: Tazo Passion Tea
Reading: Mere Christianity, the Bible, and numerous other books that are making a stack beside my bed.
Wanting: Chocolate
Learning: To execpt constructive ciritisivem. Even on the things that are dear to my heart.
Playing: Piano keys and soft melodies 
Waisting: Time
Sowing: Little bits of goodness for the future 
Wishing: That warm weather would come and sweep me off my feet. 
Enjoying: Tripical Dreams tea, apples, and oranges
Waiting: For tomorrow and the right words to come
Liking: Pinterest pins
Hoping: I can make someone smile today. :) 
Loving: The sun light coming through my window
Marveling: How people fall in love with each other 
Needing: To slow down and time away
Smelling: My lovely vanilla grapefruit perfume 
Wearing: Light gray knit dress, black leggings, and lacy socks  
Following: To many people on Instagram 
Noticing: How many wonderfulartistic things are around me. 
Knowing: God works through my weaknesses 
Thinking: About a lot of thing. More than I can put in words. 
Bookmarking: With Love, Hannah (a blog that I recently found and love)
Looking: Through my camera lens
Giggling: Over my brother who is like, really funny.
Feeling: Joyful

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