Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sweet January

Via Pinterest
I loved…

When I painted my nails so blue 
it looked like I reached up 
and touched the sky. 

When I fell asleep 
with my fairy lights on
late into the night.

I loved…

That even when I cried my hardest
I had comforting words,
warm hugs,
and lots of people to make me laugh.

That I met lots 
of new people 
And caught up with 
lots of old friends.

I loved…

The way the sun shone 
brightly through the window
highlighting the ivory and ebony keys
of the piano.

The snap, hiss, pop, of the match
and then watching the fire dance 
down the wick of my new candle.

I loved…

Trying on pretty dresses 
that sparkle and shine
with my friends.

Trying new things 
that made my stomach
a little queazy at frist.

I loved…

Wearing long socks
ones with frilly lace
and ones knitted and thick.

Spilling my heart out
With ink on paper
and typing poems out
on my typewriter.

I loved… 

Starting and finishing
Three whole books
and making a goal to read three more this month.

Starting a few new year
Different than what I though
But still bright and golden 
and full of love. 

January went by so fast this year. It started different than what I ever expected it to, but God still shone through even the hardest nights. I hope you have at least one thing you loved this past month. And I hope - wether you'll be spending the whole month with your loved ones, or having an adventure on your own - February is grand for you. I'll probably be making lots of heart shaped cookies and spending lots of face-to-face time with friends and family. Oh, I'll probably eat lots of chocolate too. ;)


  1. This is beautiful, Megan, I've saved it on Bloglovin! You have a way with words; don't you ever lose that. I was inspired by this piece, well done! xo

    Emily | Lynde Avenue