Saturday, January 31, 2015

Braking Down The Walls Of Comparison

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A few days ago I wrote a post about how I've built up walls for myself in the past. I talked about how I've always compared myself to other writers and I think what they have to stay is way more important then anything I ever have to say. In the end of the post though, I said how I was going to brake down these walls of mine and write the words from my heart, even if they are messy and misfitted. So, since I've kinda made this a resolution of mine, I want to start writing whats on my heart, and part of it has to do with this topic of building up walls and comparing myself to other people. 

Have you ever had that moment when you read someone else's writing of what their latest breakthrough is, what is currently going on in there lives, or what they are learning and  you think "Wow, she's really inspiring. I think thats amazing what she has discovered/ learned. I want to live like that too."? Have you ever compared yourself to them? And then maybe, for the next few days or so you think about what that person wrote and how you become more like them. You keep comparing or obsessing about them. Instead of it being a healthily thing by reading other peoples writing and what they've been learning, it becomes an obsession of being more like them. Or trying to mold your life to try to be like them and learn the same things as them. When in reality  they are in a complete different stage of life then you are.  I know I've had these kinds of moments. It can be really hard sometimes because most of the time I don't even realize I'm doing it. I also find myself comparing to others in the area faith or what their learning in life right now. I sometimes think I'm not as good because I haven't reached that step in my faith or I haven't quite learned or thought about what they are learning or thinking about.

I think its great to read about someone else's experiences or breakthrough. I think you can  learn partly from them or be inspired in a healthy way. But in the end, I've learned that sometimes you have to learn things in life for yourself, not just read about them and expect a change, you really have to live them and experience them to learn.  I feel like I could read a post about something amazing, then turn around and write about it too, but unless I actually experienced it, I won't be able to write about it justice or really learn from it. 

God has a path for each and every one of us. Every path is unique, no to paths are the same. God lets us learn in our own timing and our own way. We are not behind or lacking because there is no true standard to which we can compare our self to see if we are behind or not. Everyone is different and everyone learns at their own pace.

 So along with breaking down these walls and sharing my messy misfitted words, I'm also not going to compare myself to others and there life experiences and truly embrace all that God has ahead of me and where He wants me to be at. I'm determined not to compare myself to anybody else, but to embrace God's plan for me and where He has me place in life. I am determined to write about my own breakthroughs and my own life experiences, not somebody else's. I know it'll be hard at times, because I've been stuck in this rut where I've compared myself to other people for so long. But I know with determination, God'll get me through. 

I hope and pray that you too, can learn and experience life at your own pace, and not compare yourself to someone else and where they are at in their faith or life. I hope you can break the walls you've build up, and learn to embrace all that God has for you and where He has placed you. Where you are at in life is beautiful. Don't trade it for anything. 

~ Embrace where God has placed you in life, not where He has place another. ~

xoxo, Messy 

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