Thursday, January 29, 2015

Verbal Snapshots

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You know those times where you find a perfect snapshot. A little glimpse of sparkle or shine. Those moments where you find a little bit of magic in the mundane? You reach for you camera to take the shot, so you can cherish that moment forever. Or maybe, you stop in mid reach, and just enjoy the moment. Savoring it with your eyes and tuck it into your memories.
Sometimes, though, in life there is no time to take a snapshot or even cary your camera. Sometimes the thing you want to capture is way to big, way to small, or way to fleeting for any camera lens. This is the time where verbal snapshots come in. Verbal snapshots are for when you don't have a camera or you just want to savor the moment, but you want to capture the image somehow. They are what I think as a verbal equivalence of Instagram photos.
I just wrote this verbal snapshot, as the sun shines through my window and while I'm lighting my new candle.

"Gleam of the sun through window, the match snaps, hisses, and pops, then watches the fire slowly dance down the candle wick."

I love this way of capturing images and moments. I get to collect them and look back on them. I've been thinking about trying to find at least one moment to capture each day, and writing it down. Then at the end of the month, writing them all down all small slips of paper and then putting them in a tiny box. For every month I'd have a little box of good memories and joy. I'd always be able to look back on them and smile, remembering what I saw beautiful.

I've been thinking a lot about it and I'll probably start posting more verbal snapshots here on my blog. Maybe every week or every month, I'll post my favorites and give a little story behind each one. I hope maybe you too, will take a chance to write down little verbal snapshots of whatever is around you. 

xoxo Messy

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