Friday, January 23, 2015

A Day For New Things

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    The day is getting close where this blog will turn 1 year old. I think it is crazy how much time has gone past! My blog has went through some changes and redesigning, but over all I think where it is headed now is great. :)
    Along with it almost being my blogs first birthday, I also opened up a new blog called The Poetic Soul! This new blog will be basically just for my poetry. It was kind of hard to have so much writing and so much poetry share the same blog. This way I'll be able to still post both my writing and my poetry but not have them mixed up at lot. :) You can check out my new blog by clicking here
    Also, if you haven't already seen (which I'm sure you have) I redesigned my blog again! Even though I've changed my blog design countless times over the past year, I kept my last one for a while and thought it was time for a change. Something fresh and new. 
    Well, that's all I have to say for my short little update today. I hope you enjoy the new blog design and my new poetry blog! 

~ Messy 

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