Thursday, January 22, 2015

Imperfections and All

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I love to write.
 It's a passion of mine. My words are messy and most of the time aren't perfect. I use the delete button a lot or use a lot of xxx's on my typewriter. But that's ok, because nothing's perfect. My words can be broken and misfitted but that's not going to stop me from spilling them out. I've put up a lot of barriers in the past because I've compared myself to other writers. Thinking there words are better then mine or what I have to say is small and doesn't matter. I've learned recently though, that everyone holds their own story and their own words. Everyone is different and everyone has imperfections. Everyone has a voice that is meant to be heard. So down with these barriers I've build. I'm going to stop telling the stories that make my life look better then it actually is. I'm going to stop holding back my bursting, imperfect heart. And I'm going to start writing more, with my imperfections and all. Because really, there's no need to hide. Jesus loves me exactly the way I am. And He's going to help me fly.

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