Friday, June 6, 2014

Posies and Coffee

Via Pinterest 

This is just a random little post.

Via Pinterest

About a few of my favorite things.

1: Posies. Patches of flowers. Any type of flower really. I just love them. 

2: Coffee. Peppermint mochas are delish. 

3: Tea. This is second to coffee. Any berry cold tea I'm fond of. I also like hot peppermint tea.

4: A cozy bed and my computer. I really don't have to explain this… I'm sure you already understand.

5: ANything floral. Like I said I love flowers, so floral prints are fabulous. 

6. Wahi tape. I think I'm starting to get a little obsessed about it (ok, maybe not obsessed but you get the idea). I have several rolls and a I have wash taped nearly everything I can… even my sharpies. 

7. Writing letters and sending them. 

8. Old Farm houses (and there kitchens!).

9. Painting with watercolors.

10. The ocean. I just love who the wave can set you free.

11. Polaroid cameras. They are so vintage and cute! 

So these are a few of my favorite things. What are some of yours?

 Thanks of reading!

oxox, Emma


  1. Thank You :) ...Some of these I didn't know..... but now... it's wonderful to wake up and have that in the brain. :}

    1. :) … Which ones did you not know?

  2. i'm so sorry I haven't responded this yet... or seen your other posts... -_- almost all of them... the only one I didn't know is that you like berry cold tea and Old Farm Houses ^_^