Monday, June 9, 2014

Word Collectors

Words. I treasure and cherish them. I haven't hardly told anyone this but I collect words. Special ones. Ones I love to roll off my tongue. Sometimes I see them, they dance around in sustain situations. More often I see them written on paper or hear them spoken and my make my heart sing. I just now started to written them down in a journal. Before I just wrote them down in my heart and mind.

Some words I've collected are:
     Adoren, &

Do any of you Dreamers out there collect words? Is it just me, or is it something we all secretly do. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

  xoxo, Emma

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  1. I do I do! :D ...You are not the only Dreamer who does... I think it is something we all secretly are built in with; at least in my case it is. There will just be words sometimes that stick out and cause something in my being to grasp hold of them or dance with them, or duck and cover from them. For instance, the word unadulterated makes me pause and think for a very long time and has become one I cherish and keep. All in all, word catching is a blast and I love that you have shared your thoughts on it with us so we can get out there and intentionally catch some ourselves! Thank You Messy! ^_^