Monday, May 26, 2014


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After being board all evening, I sat down, prayed, and then started sing to myself. After awhile of singing little melodies and such, I came up with this little song. It just came to me. It's nothing big or fancy… but I liked it. And I wanted to see if you liked it too. Its called breakthrough.


came down
and swallowed me
It rescued me
from my sorrowful
It lifted me up
off my knees, so cold
and took me in
to cherish me whole.

Just imagine,
what more love can do.
If we believe with our
Lets see what faith can do.
Just think,
our journeys not through.
Lets wait and see
what He can do with our lives,
it can bea breakthrough.

You rescued me 
from my
sinful home.
Your love shined down
it was a breakthrough.
Just imagine
what more
Love can do.

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