Monday, May 12, 2014

Dorybatman {Guest Post}

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Hey there readers! Today I have a guest blogger, one of my very good friend, Dorybatman! Today he is going to share some of his thoughts on cloudy months. Enjoy!

"Hi everyone! This is dorybamtan here. I am SO excited to get a chance to guest write on Mess’s blog for the first time and share my thoughts with you guys. It’s gonna be a crazy loony trip inside the brain of a fish, so batten down the hatches and make sure you’ve got your root beer floats on hand because you never know went you might run into a thirsty whale in my writing!
    I’ve heard it said that people spend days and maybe even weeks in a haze, but have you ever spent whole months in one again and again in the same month every year?! Well… maybe it’s just my genuine wackiness, but I have always had one or two reoccurring foggy months. It feels like I’m in a cloud… I’m high and happy, but I really don’t know why. Kinda like when you’ve eaten eight bowls of ice cream: at that point, all that is in your mouth is ice cold fluff, but you’ve still got a sugar high that would make Washington state legislators appalled. Ha! I can see the tomorrow’s headlines in the Seattle Times; “Olympia OKs marijuana. Disses excessive ice creaming.” XD Anyways where was I?... Ah yes, foggy months… (and just in case you were thinkin it, all have you know I am NOT smoking now. This sporadic insanity is quite normal for me thank you very much) OOP! Sound the foghorns and grab you’re floats! We just ran into a random thirsty whale! XD Now where were we? Ah yes, month long haziness.
    It seems it happens every August. Though I never really have had anything against August, it seems to have something against me… or at least… is unsettled with me. Which if that is in fact the case, who can really blame poor August? It’s not like I’ve been very agreeable to her. Whenever she comes around, she almost always is greeted with the melodious sound of my grumblings against her masked blessons of school’s beginnings and 4-H’s endings. I must be a very difficult child for her to break to the normal wave of responsibility and formality which is in fact intended for my ultimate good. Maybe this hazing has been intended all this time for me to come to appreciate her for her strike beauty: like a Mary Poppins of sorts. Potentially; I really don’t know. One thing I do know though is what I must do in response to this ever hovering yearly foggy August.
    Now, I don’t know about you, but whenever I get in a haze, especially extended stay hazes, I tend to get selfish and only focused on myself waking up from this annoying haze. Along with that, I tend to let my thoughts fly by like bats in the night sky: hardly even seeing them as they pass right in front of my eyes. Obviously though, these are terrible alternatives from the truth. The Bible talks about in 2nd Corinthians 10:5 how we are to “take every thought captive to obey Christ.” That’s not to say that when we are in a safe place and want to rest or get creative by speaking from our hearts, we can’t set our minds at ease on the cross and go running around barefoot fun and fancy free on Skull Hill. That is in fact one of the reasons Jesus died: so we could have freedom in our minds to rom the green pastures David was talking about (See Galatians 5:13). However, though we are called to be free, we can’t just randomly follow every seemingly attractive butterfly of thought that flies into and out of the pasture; they could actually lead us away from freedom and into captivity. We gotta stay focused on the gatekeeper in those moments of subtle thievery (see John 10:1-18). I also can’t just sit back and think about how to get myself out of my own personal haze and forget what I’m here for; to serve others in order to make Jesus look like the loving, freeing, forgiving, everything He is (see John 13:1-20). I know God will take care of me (again see John 10:1-18) if I make myself low and cast my all the worry and doubt the haze inspires in me (1st Peter 5:6-7), I will not have to worry about branching out and following my call because He cares for me.
    So my question to you is; do you have cloudy months where you are kinda in a 30 day haze you can’t seem to wiggle out of? Which month is it? Do you feel like you worry too much about it or do you cast your cares on God? If you can answer any of these, send me a shout out or comment below! I think I speak for both me and Mess when I say, we’d LOVE your thoughts on monthly hazes!... *sigh*…. And this alas leaves me to my ado’s. It has been fabulous fun Mess! Thank You for having me on the blog. ^_^ And to all my scatter brained bewildered readers out there, au devoir! "

Dory, thank you so much for being willing to share your thoughts! I hope you all enjoyed! As Dory said… we would love to hear you thoughts on what you think about cloudy months so please feel free to comment. :)  
Please be sure to check back because I'm working on a short story that I will be posting very soon! 


  1. :O A SHORT STORY IS COMING!?!? :D YEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! ^D^ I can't WAIT for the next post!!!! :D :D :D ^D^