Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Letters & Love

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Do you wanna know a secret?… I love letters. Especially the handwritten ones. Where you can tell by the handwriting who wrote it. You know… one of my favorite things about letters is that when someone you know really well sends one to you they always leave little secrets in them. You know the ones… where if someone else read the letter they wouldn't recognize anything but when when you read the letter… its like full of little jokes and secrets the two people share.
As one of my good friends and I were talking today… we recognized this same thing between us and God. The Bible is like God's letter to us. There are so many secrets and things to find when reading the Bible… is wondrous.
One of the secrets we found today was one of God's ways of showing us how much He loves us.  Have you ever heard the quote "Love is Blind"? I think it is completely true. Especially in the way God loves us. God loved us so much that he sent His one and only son Jesus to die for us, so He could except us, just the way we are. Were not perfect. No one is or can be. God is perfect, though.
This is where one of the secrets of the Bible come in. You see, when you read the Bible, it talks about how, when Jesus was on the earth telling people the good news, He went around healing people of there sicknesses, including healing the blind. When He healed the blind it is almost like, as He was healing them of their blindness, He was becoming blind Himself. So He could love us despite our imperfections. Because love is blind.  You see? As Jesus was down here, on earth, He was becoming blind of our imperfections, sins, and failures. He was becoming blind and forgiving us of everything so He could except us.
Isn't this the most wonderful thing? When we came to this concussion, I just had to sit and think for a minute about how magnificent this is.

What are your thoughts? Have you never recovered little secrets in the Bible? :)


  1. Wow....... I love this so much!!! And YES! I totally agree with you... God's words to us are like a love letter... and oh this beautiful aspect of His love for us....... it still gives me chills just thinking about it... oooooooooo.... He loves us so blindly... :'} ...Oh............. *falls off into deep thought*......................... and there are so many other things to find out He's left for us!!! I wanna just learn about Him for the rest of my life and catch all the little signs and jokes and hints He left for me :}

  2. That is beautiful Messy. I totally agree with you on this. I love thinking about this all the time. We are supposed to have a romance with God and the Bible is His love letter to us!! *sight* His love is just so beautiful.