Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Ocean Waves

       Today, as I was watching the waves, a thought came to me.  On the third day of creation, God separated the land from the ocean. He pinned the sea into it's place and the ground arose out from underneath (Genesis 1: 9-10). To this day, the seas are still pinned, God's creation is still kept. The tide rises up on the sand and then sinks back into the deep. It's like God's invisible barrier, keeping the ocean in its place. Sometimes, when the waves are rough and the tide is high, it's like the waves are trying to break the barrier God laid … but they can't. No matter how hard they try.  God is amazing like that. Don't you think? He is so big and vast, so creative. You can see it in His creation.        Have you ever watched the waves before? The way they wash in and out. Sometimes they can get really big, crashing up on the shore, and rolling all the way up to touch my sandy feet. But other times, they are as calm as can be. So calm you can see straight down to the bottom of the ocean. It's beautiful.
     These are just my random thoughts. I'd love to hear your thoughts on God's creation. :)

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  1. Oooooooooooo...... That is a lovely thought.... so lovely... I've never thought of it like this before... imma chew on this for a long while... :}