Saturday, February 28, 2015

Oxygen & Helium Love {Guest Post}

My friends Hannah wrote this wonderful poem that I absolutely love. So I thought I'd share it on my blog today! I hope you all enjoy!

 Oxygen & Helium Love  
I am but a lowly blue balloon, a sack of wasted breath staring openly at she of helium who is high to the ceiling. I roll along the floor’s dust to no particular end, but that I might eventually lose gusto, that is, that the breath or harsh winds which blew me up, but not up even, for still I am down. If I could further confuse the meaning in that sentence I would, as my days have but no meaning except to stare at she who is lofty.

If I may describe this balloon, her color is the perfect shade of pink, a kind of soft bubblegum color that makes lips smack. Yes, and her shape is full, like a budding rose that bobs gently in the air while her string waves happily at me. 

Do I deceive myself, is this but an illusion? Days have passed since our coming into existence, and I think that now she is slowly, painfully, but surely, falling downwards. If I had the ability, I would jump for joy and float through the air in pure happiness. Her string tickled me first, my wrinkling self, but soon she sets herself down next to me, and she blows me a kiss. 


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