Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bible Journaling

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Taken by Shanna Noel
        Prayer and reading the Word are very important to me. My Bible has become to have its own smell and it's getting to be worn in all the right places. My journal is the same way. The leather cover, which was once smooth and perfect, is now starting to look like its been well loved. Perfect. 
        I will be honest, there have been times in my life where praying and reading the Word have been stale to me. Not being able to feel God or what He's saying to me. Not knowing where to start in reading or where to start praying. Feeling like God is far away and He doesn't care about me. I've been there. Over the years, though, I've realized that it's not so hard as it seems. I've learned that God is alway right here beside me, closer than I can even think, and He wants to know my thoughts and what I've going through. He wants to hear my voice and her me sing. He loves me. 
        In the few months I have learned a new way to concept with God and His word. I was reading the blog of Shanna Noel (her blog is lovely. Especially if you like scrapbooking). In one post she was talking about her journey with Christ and how she has a Bible journal. A Bible journal is a normal Bible but there is extra room on the sides to write. You can write about prayers, thoughts, refections. Anything really. What Shanna did with her Bible journal was she used it kind of like an art Bible. She used her scrapbooking materials and made beautiful things in her Bible. To help her remember certain things she learned and what the Lord was saying to her. 
        After I saw her Bible Journal I was so inspired to start my own. I ordered the ESV Signal Column Journaling Bible  and started on it. My first few attempts weren't perfect and I was nervous. I've never written in my Bible really before that. I was scared about messing up and making a mistake. I've now had my Bible journal for a few months now and I love it. Sure, I've  made a few mistakes here and there but God works through those mistakes. And through Bible journaling I've gotten even closer with Jesus. 
        Today Shanna posted a new blog post about Prayer Journaling. She's doing the same that she's done with her Bible journal, only now she's doing it with her prayer journal! I absolutely adore this idea and I'm going to be trying it her soon. I can't wait.
        Journaling and creating with the Lord's Word has brought my so much closer with Him. I've been able to be myself and create. Expressing what He's teaching my through making the Bible pretty. I love it. 

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If you are interested in buying a Bible journal I suggest these
Also this pen set is great to have to.  

I hope and pray this encourages you to take a step closer to the Lord. Maybe even start Bible journaling! God will certainly come closer to you. 

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