Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bon Appétit

This is just a random food post. I've been looking at lot so of mouth watering treats on Pinterest and other blogs today so I thought it would be fun to share a little bit of them with you. Maybe, after your done reading this post,  your mouth will be watering too and so you get up and make something delouse in your own kitchen… a least thats what I hope. Anyways, bon appétit!

I found this via  PBteen tumblr 

This was my first food find: toasted s'mores with heart shaped marshmallow. I'm not exactly sure how they got the marshmallow to be in a heart shape but I think its cool. I'm going to have to try it someday.  

I found this via PBteen tumblr 

These yummy fruit parfaits look so scrumptious! I love to eat these in the morning for breakfast or as an afternoon snack. They are perfect if you have fresh fruit, like blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries to go with it.    (One little secret I'll share, if you mix in peanut butter with these it is really good too!)  
I found this via Pinterest

When I first saw this chocolate lava cake my mouth started to water instantly. I've never tried lava cake before but seeing this makes me want to make some! 

I found this via Pinterest 

These little fruit tarts are perfect for a small dessert or and afternoon treat! They are easy to make and scrumptious to taste!  

I found this via PBteen tumblr

Not only do I think this picture is pretty, it makes me want to take the strawberry lemonade right out of the photo and sip it by the beach.   

I found this via PBteen tumblr

Flower shaped ice cream. How cool is that!? 

I found this via PBteen tumblr

One of best kind of worm… gummy worms! The ones with sugar on them are the best.  

I found this via Pinterest 

Last but not least, red velvet ice cream sandwich! I've been wanting to make these so much! Me and one of my friends loves red velvet so of course were going to have to try it out soon. :) 

To find more delouse food check out PBteen tumblr (you'll also get a ton of other inspiration from this blog) and my food Pinterest board, Bon Appétit

xoxo, Messy 

P.S. If you seriously do go make something yummy in your kitchen after reading this, please comment! I'd love to hear what you made. :) 

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  1. Welp. You definitely achieved the first part of your diabolical plan to make mouths water! SOUR CREAM YOU! ;P XD ...and... if I had the time, i'd be cookin up one of these too! ^_^ ...Hmm...... maybe... if I lick your post... *licks screen* Uh-uh! Nope! It's not the same! XP XD ;)