Sunday, March 9, 2014

7x70 Times

In the past post I said that I was in a writing contest and that I would be posting some of the writing submitted. In the last post I posted a short story called Inking and Scars. This time I'm posting my poem called 7x70 Times. This poem is about sinning and being forgiven. In the Bible, God says that you should forgive 7x70 times… and more. In the poem, I'm contently sinning, but every single time, He forgives me.  

7x70 Times 

1x10 times
It happened again 
I bused your heart
But you forgive

2x20 times
You let the grudge go
and tell me you still love me
even though I sinned

3x30 times
This time I left a scar 
on both of our hearts
but you heal us both, and we move on

4x40 times
I see your beauty,
Then forget it all and lose sight
But you still draw me close to you

5x50 times
I feel all alone in fright
but I feel your presences still close 
As you once again create the light

6x60 times
I can’t believe it, 
I did it AGAIN
But you still wash away all my sin

7x70 times
You do what it takes 
to forgive 

and make it right again


  1. That's great! It's easy to forget that he forgives and we should be doing it too.

  2. Huh... I never really connected that to how He forgives us I guess... this really helped me make the connection cuz it does relate to Him too! ^_^