Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Small List #2

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Making: Pretty Things
Baking: A strawberry tart 
Drinking: Passion tea lemonade and black tea 
Reading: Psalms  
Wanting: A little white house with blue shutters and a view of the ocean
Learning: To put my trust and hope in God
Playing: Ukulele strings 
Waisting: Paper towel  (sorry, I just  have to be honest) 
Sowing: Seeds to grow into living things
Wishing: That I could carry the sea with me wherever I go
Enjoying: The warm weather that finally came and swept me off my feet
Waiting: For the day where I get to take my first senior photos for someone 
Liking: Iced tea
Hoping:  That the rest of this year will be filled with open doors 
Loving: Flowers, oh so many flowers
Marveling: Over how God is real and that He is right next to me
Needing: Chocolate. Because a girl always needs chocolate. And this one already ate everything she got from Easter. 
Smelling: A relaxing blend of essential oils
Wearing: Gray and brown tank-top with a light brown knit shirt,  leggings, and sandals
Following: Still way to many people on Instagram 
Noticing: All the trees that are budding around me
Knowing: That God loves me more than any human ever could and I can find my identity in Him
Thinking: Way to late into the night
Bookmarking: {lux et amor} 
Looking: Through my camera lens
Giggling: With (not at!)  my friend because he is really funny
Feeling: Relaxed and at peace

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