Saturday, November 15, 2014

My Chains Are Lifted, You Give Me Peace

A lot has been going on in my heart and soul lately. Emotions of worry, fear, and confusion have haunted my mind; making me do a lot of thinking and praying. Figuring out what to do next in life is hard. When a new seasons comes upon you and you have to make big life decisions, it can be scary to try to figure out what to do next. Who knows if I'll make the wrong decision or go down the wrong path. What if I get stuck in the whirlwind of something I don't want to be in?  So yes, its been hard the last couple of days.  

Today has been a little different, though. Through my daily work I've learned to relax and be at peace knowing this: 

Sometimes you just have to let go and be ok where you are. Be ok with yourself. Be ok with not knowing where to go.  Be ok with not knowing whats next. 

When I take my life and give it to God, I know everything will be ok. All will turn out for His glory. He has a perfect plan for my life (Jeremiah 29:11-14) and I don't have to worry. Fear and confusion doesn't have to be my chains because love drives out fear and God wipes my confusion away.  When I sit down in my quiet time and just talk to Him and give Him my concerns, one by one, they all go away. He lets me rest in peace knowing that all will go has His plan and I can be free. 

This is such a wonderful thing. Being free.

I know life will never be perfect. There will always be something that will not be the way I wish it could be, but I'll just let it go, give it to God, and all will be alright. I can have peace in my soul and heart that only Jesus can give. And I can be free. 

If your reading this, I know you are going through hard times in life too. I hope and pray that whatever your going through, that you can give it to Jesus and your heart and soul can be at peace. I hope you can be free. 

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