Friday, September 12, 2014

We Are Israel, He Is A Loving God | #shereadstruth: Hosea

I resently just finished the Hosea devotional from She Reads Truth (it ended yesterday but I kind of got behind and finished it today). It was very convicting and compelling for me. Through the 14 chapters of Israelites betrayal of God, I found myself amongst them. Finding my own sin and idols. Hearing about Gods wrath made me cringe a few times. It made me wonder "Is this the way He feels about me? When I take those few steps into sin… is this was He feels?". It made me take a step back and really wonder. It showed me how big and bad my sins really are, because I don't know about you, but sometimes I just push the thought of how bad my sins are to the side. I think "it won't hurt me", "its not so bad", or "this doesn't really count as sin". But oh no, I am so wrong.  God /hates/ sin. He despises it. It leads to wrath and punishment. It makes me cringe to think about. I don't like punishment no matter how severer. But I deserve it… The study of Hosea was hard for me to read some days because It showed me how much I deserved punishment for my sins. It was hard for me to hear what I deserved.

There is a bright side to all of this though

I can seek the forgiveness of our God… and He wipes my slate clean. I can find His compassion and love. Even if I've been beaten up by the storm. By His help, I can return into His loving arms.
When I read about this for the first time, I started to smell the fresh air of freedom and peace. I was overcome by my God who /still/ loved me even though I made sooo many dreadful mistakes.  So I rejoiced and praised Him for His love. For forgiving me of the horrible things I do. And guess what?
He does the same for you too. No matter what you've done. No matter how bad you feel. He forgives, and wipes you clean.

When we are Israel
Our God is still our loving God.
He loves us no matter what
even when we hurt Him.

How great of a love is that? More than I can ever comprehend.

"So you, by the help of your God, return..." 
~ Hosea 12:6a

*If you would like to read the She Reads Truth study on Hosea, head on over to there website, here.


  1. ....this post.... I need this tonight....

  2. I'm so glad to visit here from She Shares Truth. I'm right after you. I too thought Hosea was very convicting, but was also so overwhelmed with God's great heart, His great love, His relentless pursuit of His disobedient, unfaithful people.